Digital Marketing Agency

LID Marketing

A Digital Media Marketing Company, that believes unique creative content will set you apart from your competition!


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A “pretty” website is only a piece of the puzzle. Innovative marketing techniques will drive customer.


SEO/Website Optimization

Website that continually adds unique and relevant content for their customers will be rewarded by search engines.


Social Media

Brand awareness and brand loyalty is what will allow your business to create relationships with your customers.


Event Videography & Photography

Covering all sorts of Event Photography and filming from weddings, portraits, corporate, sporting, and all special events.


PR/Listings Management

Public Relations/ Local Listings Management, We make sure all your information is up to date, accurate.


Content Creation/Strategy

This strategy is an excellent pre-qualifier making your leads more valuable and wasting less of your time and money.

We rely on our market research and analytics to hyper-target audiences that will increase your brand awareness and revenues. LID Digital Media specializes in social media marketing, websites, SEO, branding and Ultra HD video marketing.

Many small to medium businesses look to large “established” companies to handle their marketing for them. But this presents a fundamental problem that owners pay thousands of dollars for, before they realize the truth. Big-box agencies run on a one size fits all marketing plan that is NOT tailored to your specific business and target market. This leads to money wasted on ads going out to people with no interest in your product or service. Our small agency creates unique, cinematic content that will provide your potential clients with VALUE, giving your business instant credibility in the industry. We visit your business on a regular basis so we understand your mission and your specific needs. Our main goal is to build long term brand awareness and continually increase your Return On Investment (ROI)

We pride ourselves on thinking OUTSIDE the box. In saturated markets, being different and daring is what will make you stand out. We don’t “sell” to your potential clients. We simply show them the VALUE of your product and service, and in turn they gain your trust and are FAR more likely to choose you than a competitor.

We offer a wide array of services that allows us to thoroughly spread awareness throughout the internet on a multitude of platforms. Check out how we strategize our clients success!